The Case For Quarantine Makeup

Sometimes, you just need makeup.

At the beginning of this seemingly endless pandemic, I reveled in the idea of having no reason to wear makeup. With no places to go, there was no reason to get dressed, or to open an eyeshadow palette. Then, weeks turned into months, and months are now turning into more months, and as of late, I have found makeup is a true comfort.

Normalcy is no more. My Target runs aren’t as frequent, and nights with friends are non-existent. There’s no end to this that I can grasp, no promise that when I wake up, things will be back to normal, and so, I have to find a way to get through it. Sometimes, that means turning to makeup.

There’s something soothing about the art of makeup. Eyeshadow palettes invite you to get artistic, with colors eager to be swatched, mixed, and splashed across the eye. My alarm rings not for a commute, or a reminder that I need to grab a seat at a local coffee shop to begin my work, but as the start of another day, at home. And while some days provide no outside visitors to interact with, besides my boyfriend, I still like to play with makeup.

No one might see that I finally nailed floating eyeliner, or that my eyebrows are plucked, after weeks of just growing and living, but sitting in front of my mirror, for those brief few minutes, I feel normal is within my grasp. I’m free to paint, play, brush, and explore.

Not every day requires makeup, and sometimes I simply don’t feel like yelling at my eyeliner to go on correctly, but when I do make the effort, when I open my palette and admire the shimmer and sparkle waiting inside, I can leave this all behind.

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