My Favorite Mascara Is Only $3 At Ulta Right Now

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Hi! Welcome to the first edition of Eyeliner is Hard — a substack about beauty, but easy!

Becoming a beauty writer is one of the best and worst things to happen to me. On one hand, I get to try out a bunch of products, and pretend that I will one day master a cat eye (I tried again this morning, and no). On the other hand, my small apartment has slowly become its own cosmetic store. I am truly looking at the glass as half full!

For this newsletter, I’d like to highlight some of the products I’m loving at the moment, and share a little more about my love for all things sparkle and color. To start, I’m taking a look back at my favorite products from June 2020! Some of these came out this month, and some are items I just discovered.

Not sure what the frequency of posting will be, but hoping to have a few special guests and stuff on here. And if you’re reading and want to share your beauty routine for an issue, get in touch! Anyway, first issue!

Some products I purchased, and others were gifted. I will note which, below.

Coca-Cola x Morphe Thirst For Life Palette, Sold Out

Yes, I am starting this post out with a post about a sold out item, but only because you need to keep your eyes out for a restock. I was gifted this palette, and from the very first use, I fell in love. There are a ton of neutral shades that are perfect for daily wear, and the addition of shimmer shades — including a bright red and silver — are perfect for adding an extra pop to a look or for solo wear. And don’t worry, because that glitter sticks around throughout the day with minimal fallout.

Midnight Masquerade Shadow Palette, $22, ColourPop

Are you sensing a theme? I love glitter. This palette, which was gifted to me, contains the perfect amount of princess-inspired sparkle, but it also boasts some really nice colored mattes. This is a good one for those wanting to dip their toes into more colorful looks, but aren’t sure where to start. To get the most payoff from your pressed glitter application, put that sparkle on with your finger.

The Into You Set, $64, Olive & June

This set fully convinced me to stop biting my nails. The colors are lovely, and the super glossy top coat — which is a must-have product — gives you the look a professional manicure without making the appointment at a salon. This was gifted to me, and I haven’t stopped using it.

Stretch Concealer, $18, Glossier

It only took me until the age of 31, but I have finally found a concealer I like. Despite going to bed at 9 p.m., I have bags under my eyes, and this covers them up. It goes on super smooth, and doesn’t cake up at all. Plus, you get a ton of product in that little tub.

Carbon Theory Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar, $9.99, Ulta

The viral hype on this one is very real. As a person who routinely suffers from cystic and hormonal acne, this bar has been a literal gift from the beauty heavens. Although I still get acne, it does seem to reduce redness and help during a flare-up. It’s also only $10 and seriously lasts.

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Mascara, $3.74, Ulta

Very important sale alert! Normally retailing for $5, this tube of precious mascara is only $3.74 on Ulta right now. If you want volume, without the clumps, this is the one for you. I was gifted the waterproof version, and it is truly a beauty blessing.

You Should Know — UOMA Beauty

With expansive shade ranges, colorful eyeshadow palettes, and complexion products specifically tailored to your skin tone, UOMA Beauty is your one stop shop for all things beauty. Their Badass Icon Matte Lipstick comes in seriously pigmented shade ranges, and again, for all the glitter loves out there, you have to check out their palettes.

You Should Listen — Pom Pom Squad

Really leaning into a publication with multiple interests. Pom Pom Squad recently released this cover of “Crimson and Clover,” and you will love.

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